"Over the past several years, I have been blessed with many different interactions with Gina. The road with her started with my yearning to deepen spiritually and to understand more fully my purpose. The wisdom and learning opportunities she provides has expanded my life in ways I never imagined. While her classes, programs, one-on-one sessions are rich in content, it is the manner in which she delivers that is so amazing. First and foremost is her integrity…she is nothing but consistent and true in all her various offerings. Secondly, you are assured to receive more than expected to include, should you want, paths to additional resources or referrals to other practitioners she believes helpful. Finally, she cares…she cares about being authentic and building upon her offerings, she cares you receive what was intended, she cares for your growth - I’m still amazed; I am a certified yoga instructor working with kids and adults, bundled with providing intuitive guidance, meditation, essential oils, and more as the situation fits. I thank Gina personally for helping me find the courage and confidence to expand, therefore allowing my light to reach others as her light has touched me."

Cindy Hibbs

"I began my learning collaboration with Gina 3 years ago.  Collaboration is the best word I can use to describe my experience of Gina and working with her.  She 100% shows up sharing what she knows freely and fully; then works with me to understand and use what she’s shared. She is continually learning which is important to me. My best teachers have been those that continue learning and sharing, learning and sharing, she understands, learning never really ends.  There are so many bonuses of joining in her programs, one is the community of loving diverse souls that share in the experience, another is the variety of information she shares. I am often surprised with the new information or experience she brings forward. I’ve gained more than I can express in a simple statement. I am a much better me for having her in my life.  I bring more of my Self to my life each day from having her guidance. Honestly, I’m glad to help others find Gina – Until I met her, many of the other teachers I had were so proprietary and rule oriented. She blew me away with no rules and freely sharing things that others held tightly as “mystery school” material.  This has helped me bring all of me integrated into my life instead of holding the “energetic” part separate. "

Debbie Nussbaum

"When I first met Gina I was in the thick of dealing with some serious grief. I honestly attribute much of my healing to her, and for that I am forever grateful. She helped me to remember. She helped me open my heart which allowed me to shift gears and set me on a path I knew was destined for me in this lifetime. She has helped me to develop my gifts to a point where I feel secure in offering my healing medicine to the world.  She is where I started and although I do seek out others to stay well-rounded, I always go back to mentor with Gina as her offerings always evolve. She does the work alongside others and as a result her offerings never stay stagnant.  This expansion prompts significant growth for those who work with her.  I always tell others that Gina does her work with integrity and love. She makes time for the individuals that participate in her courses and programs but still stays true to herself and values. She shows up!! She is a true embodiment of how one should proceed with their spiritual based practice.  Love you, Gina! I owe so much to you! "

Chrisnelle Joie Young

"Because of the work I have done with Gina, I am a professional certified Angel Tarot Practitioner, helping clients discover the answers that lie within themselves. I have a growing life coaching business that helps women become independent and live into their purpose. I am building a platform to help others discover their purpose in life, showing them how to dream, scheme, and create their Soul's Calling. Gina has taught me how to step into my vision, using my voice to communicate it to others, and has helped me shape my business into one I am immensely proud of."

Sue Brady

"I initially met Gina when my friend invited me to an angel circle she was hosting. My curiosity was piqued and I wanted to delve further into her gifts of the spirit (spiritual gifts, if that sounds better). I began listening to Gina’s Angel Message Mondays, attending her special class offerings, workshops, and group angel circles. I gifted my daughter with her own one-on-one sessions with Gina which were immensely beneficial to her discernment and confidence as a young adult. Eventually, seeking more consistent guidance myself in order to live into the possibilities of "what's next” and to become my best, high-vibing self, I joined Gina’s RYEE Angel Mentorship Program. To put into words how her mentorship has enhanced and changed my life is no easy task. The RYEE Angel Mentorship Program is one-of-a-kind: a safe, supportive, loving network that seeks (and delivers!) to enhance the core, strength and beauty of every person. Gina guides us to awakenings of the body, mind and spirit which inspire, challenge and guide us to a higher level of being. Our lives improve through Gina’s vast knowledge of Feng Shui practices, opportunities to dialogue with other group members and from online group calls to release energy blocks and other beneficial topics such as finding our purpose and navigating the phases of the moon/orbit of planets as they whirl beyond our human sight but within the realm of our humanness. Gina’s intuitive gifts are boundless and plentiful, and I am blessed to share my life path with her as my loving mentor and guide.  "

Jan M.

"Gina Nicole is truly a gift. I came across Gina in a very difficult season of my life. We had lost two babies to miscarriage and I was desperate to try again, but bitter from our loses. I had resigned that being a mother might not be in the cards for me. I’ll never forget that session with Gina. I felt an overwhelming sense of calm as I entered her work space. We sat together and as she began working through my reading she stopped herself and told me, “You are going to be a mom, I see baby spirit all around you.” And as we proceeded she gave me meditations, practices, and advice that I put into practice that very first night. I needed to let go and make room for new and Gina gave me all of the tools to set me on my path. Her work brought us a new pregnancy and a baby we would get to bring home. Gina’s recommendation of ho'oponopono helped me get off of anxiety medication and learn how to cope with my anxiety. In addition to her private sessions Gina’s angel message Monday and courses continue to shape my perspective. She also offers courses monthly to enrich her tribe. Of course I listen in and try to apply what she’s teaching because it has made such an impact on my life. I am blessed beyond measure to know Gina and her gifts are truly angelic."

Lindsey Gintz

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gina since end of 2016, I had an initial session during a critical time in my career. (I was moving into entrepreneurship) From the beginning I was impressed with what came through her and what she offered. I was soul touched and expanded from the start. I went on to do her Tarot course (amazing!) and then participated in the RYEE containers. So far there have been three and I have participated at level two which includes 1:1 sessions with her. I also went to her first retreat in Mexico. Clearly, I am a BIG fan! What I love about Gina, is her creativity, her intuition, her business savvy-ness and her HEART.   I pulled three cards to guide me in this writing: The Magician, The Moon and The Wheel.  The Magician: Gina is a manifestor and amazing at using her intuition, what comes through her has been trans formative and nurturing for me, she is also a great wordsmith: the mantras she has given me over the years have been affirming, powerful and just right. The Moon: This represents the experience of working with my fears and living from a place of courage. Gina has really assisted me in working with my fears in a creative/intuitive/nurturing way. The moon also represents working with cycles and she incorporates using the moon and as she has created new content I have found that I also get to go deeper into previous material she has taught. The long term work with her has been powerful. Gina has been there for me as a mentor, guide, sister and friend.  I’ve had deep healing in regards to sisterhood with her. Lastly, the Wheel: for me chakra work, SMART goals work, energy of being forward working and grounded/center in authenticity is what working with Gina is all about, she keeps her content fresh and moving and she offers a number of tools so you can really shape what works for you. "

Tuyet-Lyn Christensen

"Gina's mentorship was the form and structure I so deeply craved to dive into my offerings and to redefine my mission and purpose. It is a program that builds, expands and settles at just the right time. I got so much out of our time together, and the container we were held in, that I joined her retreat and experienced the momentum and magnification of the energy behind my work with her tenfold. For us light workers, our offerings are a continuous process of refinement and require keen clarity and authenticity. For me, Gina helps me to get real with my why and to own my strengths. I have no doubt that I will steep in Gina's offerings again and again.  I am so grateful and blessed to have such a significant and thoughtful influencer in my life. Thank you, Gina! My love for you is infinite and expressed in the cosmos and beyond. "


"Gina is an amazing mentor who is truly a support to you on your personal journey!  She is nothing short of a wealth of knowledge which she so willingly shares along the way! She is such a beautiful soul who is always guiding you as you find answers that you hold within yourself. Whether it is in our one-on-one sessions or in the group containers, I am constantly learning something new just as I need it and I really find tremendous value in that.  I believe we should never stop learning, so it is nice to have a mentor who shares this belief and models it so beautifully! As you grow and expand in this work, you may stumble across some necessary bumps of personal growth along the way! Being supported energetically by Gina and by the group during this process is just an amazing piece that I just can’t put into words! I continue to expand from this amazing process and wealth of knowledge to grow on a personal level and to grow my new business. I am beyond thankful and blessed to know and be able to work with Gina!  "

Lisa St Louis


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